Best supplier for Marek's vaccine?


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Mar 18, 2014
Western WA
I have two hatches coming up next week and I need to put in an order for Marek's vaccine. I've done some looking around and found six different U.S. sources online that sell Marek's and now I'm trying to decide which would be the best place, not just by price but also by the quality of packaging/shipping. Does anyone have strong positive feelings towards a specific supplier?
do you need to vaccinate them? Is there a problem with Marek's in your area? I think most people don't vaccinate unless buying from a large breeder or they have a known problem on their farm.
I'm in the Pacific Northwest, which is supposed to be one of the hot spots, from what I've read. I haven't had any problems but I like to be on the safe side. And for any birds that leave my property, I feel better knowing they're protected.
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