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Jul 12, 2008
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The more I learn about chickens, the more questions I have. Do different chicken breed lay different tasting eggs? I know how your eggs taste has a lot to do with what they are fed. My chickens are all fed the same feed and right now get very little in the way of greens or scraps from the table. Yet I have some differences in the consistancy of the yolks and in the tastes overall. They all taste good, but sometime an egg yolk will be darker and really thick, and this one will taste very rich. I will vary between the eggs. I don't know which breed layed which egg. Also I just recently bought some eggs from a neighbor who raises orphingtons, and although his eggs are very fresh and beautiful, I don't think they taste as good as mine. I don't know what type of feed he uses either. So my question is , have others had this happen and does any of this make sense? Nutritionly I guess they are pretty much all the same, but why would some yolks be so thick and rich while the others are not
It really has to do with diet.

Chickens that are allowed to free range will have super rich golden colored yolks because of all of vitamins they get from eating grasses, weeds, bugs and whatever else they can find.

I also suppliment my girls diets with spinach and romaine lettuce and not only do they love it but their eggs taste fantastic.
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