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when you don't know what you're trying to trap? Over the weekend, I lost 9 out of 14 chicks (8 weeks old). All I found was feathers, in the run, not the coop. My dog brought me a wing yesterday, so I know it's a land predator. (originally thought hawk) I've found a pile of feathers about 100 ft off the run from 1 chicken. And another chick feathers are clinging to the side of an oak tree, which makes me think it took the kill up the tree.

So, we're thinking racoon. What's the best thing to bait a trap with to catch the darn thing?
I've done a lot of reading on racoons, but have never caught one.

They say a twinkie with vanilla poured on it, or an open can of tuna fish.
I have used them to catch possums, coons, foxes and feral cats. Drip a little of the liquid at the opening of the trap. Works great!
Marshmallows will work for coons but not much else except ants.
DEFINITLY CANNED CAT FOOD!!!! we use this and it works better than tuna and sweets! get the smaller cans with the pop and peel off lids (metal), not he tiny fancy feast, the cans about the size of a tuna can. and the cheeper the better. i think that the cheaper has a stronger smell, just take the lid off and put it in can and all, no mess.
Eggs !!! they catch coons,possum,and skunks. Can leave set for weeks without rebaiting, and no cats. Trouble with the other baits you will catch alot of cats. Hard to catch a predator with a cat in the trap.

My guess bird of prey, if losing them in daytime hawk, at night owl. Coons dont drag their prey away, they eat on the spot or not far away. Hawk and owl will take their into the trees ,more so the owls.

Coons also kill many in one night, eat a little from each..

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