Best time to add new hens?


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8 Years
Dec 8, 2011
I just got home with my new additions to my small chicken flock. I started out with 4 Barred Rock hens and a roo. Then figured that wasn't going to be enough eggs so I picked up 3 Silver Laced and 2 red Sex Links. Then, because I seem to have a bunch of family that wants to share in my "rewards", I started looking for a few more to fill my coop. I just got 3 black Australorps from one lady and another BR and 2 "things" from another guy. I brought them all home, put a head of romaine in the coop to occupy the older birds and let the new ones loose. After a bit of fighting (I crawled in and played referee for awhile), everyone seems to be somewhat behaving. 45 min later, the lights go out. My hope is that everyone finds a roost spot and goes to sleep. What is the likelihood of this happening?
I can't upload pics off my mobile, evidently so I'll have to get them on the computer tomorrow. I need to do more research but I have no clue what the "things" are. The guy said they were a year old (same as the BR (which was actually a 2011 hatch) but the birds don't have a lot of body size. More like a pheasant size, I guess. The lady I got the Autralorps from said red sex link pullets until I said they were supposed to be a year old. The previous owner said they laid the same large size eggs as the BR but I think I'll call BS on that one. Guess I'll have to wait and see. Mystery hens...

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