Best way I've found yet to deal with snake problems!!


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I already had two of these very common minnow traps at home but I stumbled on to one at walmart that was cheap and thought "I bet that would work!"
I set it along the wall inside of my coop and 2 days later had a rat snake in it, A couple days later a copperhead and then another, so I dug around till I found the two old traps and set them inside also and today I had two more copperheads, I knew I had snakes but didn't know it was this bad and am really loving the effectiveness of the Minnow/Snake traps, I figured if anyone else hadn't already thought this one up I'd share it and maybe it can help others save a few birds and eggs, Happy hunting and thanks for looking, Bill

How do you go about killing them once you get them in the trap? I would not want to think about letting them loose and trying to use a shovel or something. Maybe a shotgun, but that would leave a lot of holes in the ground.
Very interesting way to trap snakes. We have quite a few around and mostly I just leave them alone. The biggest problem I have is telling the difference between the harmless corn snake and the poisoness copperhead.
I have a set of tongs for handling snakes and use those to put them into a good sized jug that I keep just for the poisonous snakes in my freezer, it's humane, they get cold, go dormant and die in thier sleep, I relocate the non poisonous ones far enough away they can't find thier way back to my coop. I would think any number of ways to dispatch them would be okay, A tank water and a few minutes submerged would make the trap safe to open and dispose of the poisonous ones,

I wouldn't risk getting bit no matter how you do it they really aren't deadly but will make you really sick and have to pay an emergency room visit at the very least. I have copperheads and pigmy rattlers here and have made a couple nice hat bands from them LOL

Most of the non-poisonous snakes I leave alone to do thier jobs but the ones that enter my coops for chicks and eggs have to go live elsewhere.

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