Best way to confine


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
Adak has hurt her leg. She was limping this weekend pretty badly. Yesterday she sat and one of th eother ducks would hang with her and keep her company. She moved around the yard during the day, but basically sat for quite a while in one spot with the others coming to take turns with her. Today, she sat on her own. Now and then, the other's would hang with her. But she was more mobile with them today - limping.
Tomorrow (because it will cause way more stress than it is worth for both of us to catch her today), I am going to fence her in to a small area near the house (maybe a 10x15 area).
The easiest way to do this is to lure them all with peas to the area I want her in and close the fencing behind me. Do I leave a buddy behind with her and pen up 2 of them or just her? It shoudl be raining tomorrow afternoon, so she will be missing the rain fun in the yard.
I feel like the most evil person in the world. Penning up free range ducks is not very nice. I think the three in the pen are still swearing at me. Not think, I know. They are trying to find their way out. at this point, I think Adak is walking even more than if I were to have left her in the yard all day. They are just quacking away not at all happy.
They did pretty well all day without too much complaining. But it is raining now, so they are quacking away letting me know of their displeasure of not being able to run around the yard in it, but having to be stuck in their little area.

I shouldn't have weeded it last week. Attu started yanking weeds as soon as I locked them in this morning!
Adak sat most of the day, but was still up limping around here and there in their little pen. Will swap out the cell mates tomorrow.

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