Best way to hatch silkies. Please help.


8 Years
Mar 29, 2011
Hi... i am on my 3rd try hatching silkies this year. I have very low hatch rates. i have no problem hatching other chickens, it just seems that with silkies, i cant get it right. Ive been told 65% humidity, 70%, and even get it as high as I can.. Im not sure what the problem is, I had less than 50% hatch rate last time. Some of the eggs could have been older, but I dont understand why they fully develop and die before hatching. Is the shell too hard? Do they grow too big? I dont get it. I have a full incubator of eggs to lockdown on Monday. I would like any advice at all on how to hatch these eggs. Last time I hatched in cartons, used an auto turner, and had humidity at 70% and up. I got 7 chicks out of 19 and a few I helped. This time I am hand turning, and now getting to the end, I am afraid to try to hatch without cartons... Please you silkie experts, give me some tips. Thank you in advance.
I stick my silkie eggs under a broody hen. I know, I've been an enormous help.
i have some silkies sitting, but im afraid to take the eggs out of the incubator this close and then the hens get up and wont sit any more.. last time they got off of eggs days before hatching.
Love your white silkie, I wish I lived in or near Az. I would pick him up!
I have been missing mine since he has been gone. :(

I don't think I am much help in the hatching area either. I let my silkies hatch their own babies and then I take them away and raise them myself.

I am just starting my silkie hatch for the first time today. I hope I have a successful hatch for my first hatch.

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