Best way to integrate chicks of various ages.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Debi214, Nov 30, 2008.

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    I have 4 different age groups of chickens and need to figure out how to get them to all share the same coop. I have 3 Cochins that are 12 weeks (2 roos I believe - anyone interested in buying a golden laced Cochin bantam?) plus I have 3 that are 8 week old mixed standards (2 roos there also) and 8 that are also mixed standards (3 weeks old - not sure but at least 3 roos). The parents of the mixed chicks are a BR rooster and a SW hen and I would like to mix the SW hens (2 of them) in with all. My BR rooster will be culled soon as he is way bigger than the rest and stresses my 2 SW hens out. Well you know the scenario - oldest hens pick on the 12 week old birds; the 12 week old birds pick on the 8 week old birds and of course all of them think the 3 week olds are something to munch on...........all help is welcome at this point!
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    I have a crazy mixture of chicks and chickens and the only think I think I can do is keep them separate until they are about the same size. Here is my crazy list: 10 adult hens of the breeds in my sig line they are in the big coop, 3 blue and black copper marans pullets about 8 weeks old in the brooder in the shed + 3 blue and black copper marans cockerals (trading for BO's soon) next weekend things will be complicated by me trading the 3 cockerals for 3 BO hens at POL or 17-19 weeks they will go into the chicken tractor. These groups will have to move in a month cycle so that I can quarantine the BO and put the Marans out in a month ! I know it gets crazy but I think the only solution is to wait till they are all about the same size.

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    Ok, we have adults, 15 week olds and 3 weeks olds. When the 15 week olds were 6 weeks they left the house into a seperated brooder in the hen house - visible to all but not touchable. 8 weeks we let them in with the flock for an hour or two at a time, 10 weeks, we shut the brooder down and everyone adjusted just fine.

    The key is keeping the different ages seperate until they know each other and are comfortable with them being around before you slowly add them.
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    I just keep two sections of coop blocked off with 2 by 4 inch wire. The small chicks can run threw it but the big ones can't. The young ones figure it out real fast. I also feed the babes there so the older ones don't eat there food

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