Best way to peel hard boiled quail egg shell?


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Jun 13, 2009
Santa Clara, CA
Our family eat quail eggs in a few different ways, one of them being hard boil then peel and season the egg. However, I found it's quite time consuming to peel the egg shells. For about 100 eggs, it would take me and my wife 1 whole hour just to peel them.

I am guessing there got to be some better ways to do it out there, anyone has any tip to share?

For example, I recently thought about using some acid to etch away the shell, but couldn't think of a safe and strong acid for that purpose. I am sure hydrochloride acid is strong enough for the purpose, but I doubt there is any that does not contain contamination that is likely bad for health.
the thing that seems to work best for me is to put them in the fridge till they're nice and cold. then i pinch the big end where the air pocket is and give it a downward twist while pulling away and that usually gets it started pretty good....but not always. most of the time i rinse them all in cold water to get the tiny pieces off that don't wanna cooperate.
I always cook them like I do my chicken eggs (cold water & bring to boiling, immediately turn off & let sit). I do think it helps to chill them in ice water before I start to peel them. They take me about the same time per egg as chicken eggs(those quail eggs are tough... not just the shell, but the membrane too!), but none of them take me very long.
Wow, thank you all so much, that's a lot of tricks I can learn to experiment with!
I am going to give each of them a try.
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