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Any advice on how to raise muscovies to avoid the drake's hierarchy issues? I've researched, and there seems to be a split between people who think raising the ducks with too much interaction will result in a mean bird, and people who think letting the birds grow without much interaction will cause them to be too wary of people. I'm sure a happy medium would be best, but I fear I will err on the side of spending every waking moment with the ducklings, and I'm wondering if I'm just asking for trouble? I would love relatively tame ducks without having to worry too much about an aggressive drake.

Oh yes . . . my guy (I call him that because I cannot type DH for some reason, even though he is a perfect dear) recently installed a koi pond for reasons unknown. In our little world, when he buys something I deem unnecessary, it means I get to buy something he deems unnecessary, and so, after 10 years of obsession over my favorite ducks, I've finally reserved myself some muscovy ducklings to pick up next month! Complete and utter joyness! I've never raised ducks; when I was a kid I would hatch them and sell them to the local feed store, but none of those were muscovies and I never had an opportunity to watch them grow, so I am beyond excited. I don't even want to admit how close I was to kidnapping the muscovy pair that lives in the yard at the police station, I was so desperate to own muscovies. Aren't I pathetic:rolleyes:? So, if any of y'all out there with muscovies would like to share how you like living with these gorgeous ducks, I'd love to hear it! I'll be counting the seconds for the next 35 days . . .
My drakes were raised differently, but are both friendly. One, Gumby, was raised with the flock and while he had attention, I didn't fuss over him. He is super friendly and will supervise everything we do outside, but he doesn't like to be petted, though he tolerates it from me only. He eats out of my hand, too.
This is Gumby. He is an old man of 4 now.

The other one, Mobert, was found at the side of the road as a day old and raised by a couple who spent every waking moment with him. He is imprinted and when they brought him to me, Mobert easily transferred his loyalty to me. He demands my attention, loves to sit in my lap and take a nap and follows me everywhere. He loves to have his caruncles stroked and his crest scritched. Until he discovered what the female ducks were for, he would chase me down then then not know what to do. That was a bit scary having a HUGE drake come after me for a little "leg".
This is my boy Mobert.
The day he came to live with us in Oct 2006

And recently telling me about his day.

Muscovies are great, but a lot depends on the individual. I feel I am lucky in how nice mine are. I am always kind to them, I talk to them and spend as much time with them. I don't yell or rush at them or run away. Just interact calmly with them. They will learn to trust you. Mobert and Gumby get into squabbles, but I just let them fight it out and would only intervene if there was real injury going on.

Good luck!
Thanks, I was hoping you would reply! Beautiful birds, I love the caruncles. I suppose there's nothing to worry myself about, then. That's a relief.

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