Best way to track egg-laying...


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Apr 24, 2012
Round Rock, Texas
Hi all,

Now I have eggs coming, I want to be able to track egg production by my girls.

In particular, I want to track daily egg production to create graphs to show average weekly and monthly results, and to track seasonal changes in production. This will help me work out what is a normal baseline so I can quickly tell if something is wrong.

I know this isn't something many care about, but I also know there's a few OCD people like me here who probably record a LOT of information.

Does anyone have a ready-made spreadsheet, or suggestions, or a program, that can keep track?


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Jan 30, 2011
Western montana
I have to work during the morning time, so I can not tell who laid that day, I wish I could know. I'm thinking a web cam lol, that way I would know who was in the box and laid eggs.


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Jul 27, 2012
Tamworth, Ontario, Canada
I don't have a spreadsheet or anything but I do have something I call my "Egg Book". It's a notebook that I write down the number of eggs for the day, the tally from each previous day and when I start my new bags of feed. I also keep track of any eggs sold or any other odd note I want to keep, like soft shelled or weird eggs, or anything out of normal for my flock. It helps me keep track of my cost per egg and such things. Hope that give you some suggestions. :)

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