Best way to use permethrin


6 Years
Apr 4, 2013
Hi all! I just bought some poultry dust (permethrin) and I plan to use it on my coop before I put in my chicks next weekend. Hoping to be proactive on keeping mites at bay. It comes in a can with holes at the top. Do I just sprinkle this directly into the coop? Or does it have to be diluted in some way? Thanks =)
Read the instructions on the can, it may vary depending on concentration. Generally the powder is for where they do their dust baths and nesting boxes. As for the coop itself you should use the liquid spray and spray it down after cleaning.

It may be organically acceptable but its still a pesticide, follow all warnings and restrictions carefully :)
Permethrin is a broad spectrum insecticide, meaning it will kill 'good (predator)' bugs as well as 'bad(pest)' bugs.

Killing insects indiscriminately often allows the pest bugs over populate because they breed much faster than the predator bugs that eat them, not good to do unless you have a known and serious pest problem.

Save the dust for if and when you have pest problem.

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