Best winter feed for geese


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
My mother was just given 4 adult geese. Right now they're out on pasture during the day, and get whole corn at night. I know they'll need more than that come winter, which is right around the corner. Do most people feed layer pellets? Is there a special feed for geese? Since my mother is 87, the care of these geese will fall on me, and I'd like to take care of them properly. At least I can savor the idea of Christmas goose, and then there'll be only three...
Yes they should have some protein such as provided in a chicken layer feed (preferably pellets or crumbles vs. mash) unless you can find a waterfowl maintenance feed which is unlikely. Some people use gamebird feed...
or better yet, if you can find it, Purina Flock Raiser.
I am having very good results with Purina Mills Flock Raiser combined with grazing (in season) and some scratch feed. I also feed oats and thawed frozen peas in the winter, with apples and any greens I can get cheaply for treats.
corn on the cob is a great way to keep them busy.... we get bushels of it (dried of course) and toss them in - they love it and they spend hours standing around squawking about it. hilarious!!!

here is a funny fact - my geese HATED the snow! just plain ol' hated it. on one horrible snowy, cold, and nasty day (granted it was icy) i had to CARRY my older goose, Penny, across the yard to their covered day pen. she wouldnt walk! there was a whole lot of swearing as i tromped across the ice and snow carrying that silly goose!

My geese, chickens ,ducks , turkeys eat the same year around. I never give layer pellets and have excellent egg quality. If you have access to sunflower seeds, milo especially if your area is low in selenium , whole oats, 29% turkey starter. I have it mixed to total 16%. I do add in the spring during breeding season some calf manna .My young geese start eating all this at 3 weeks adding some 16% crumble until they get a little bigger. The sunflower seed are an aquired thing so give it time , it is always the first to go.
This sounds pretty expensive. Do you give these to your adults as well? BTW, do you use black oil or striped sunflower seeds?
Not really, It ends up being about 7.60 for a 50lb. bag. I ususally have a ton made at a time. Black oil sunflower seeds is what I use. I don't know what grain prices are there. That might have alot to do with how expensive it is. Oats are always cheap.
Yeh, doing it a ton at a time would definitely make it less expensive. That's just not a possibility for me. Even if I had room to store it, i wouldn't have the funds to pay for it all up front. Oats here are around $21.00 per hundredweight. BOSS is $18 for 40 lbs. And layer pellets are around $12 for 50 lbs, depending on the brand. I don't think we can even find milo in this area. Corn is presently around $22.00-$24.00 per hundredweight, cracked or whole.

Still, maybe I'll do all the figures and see what I come up with. It may end up being at least the same as layer pellets when all is said and done.
Here is what I feed during late fall and winter. I mix 50 pounds of duck/goose pellet 16%, 25 pounds of whole corn and 25 pounds of cleaned wheat. They all LOVE IT!!!! and do great. I do only feed grain once per day. I give them enough till 24 hours later. They have a heated 5 gallon bucket all of the time. Some geese do and do not like curtain things so experiment with them. I have a few that I don't think ever eat the corn.
I've been growing sunflowers for the poultry the last 3 years. I just cut the heads when they "nod" and dry them whole for winter treats. This year I grew amaranth, (Orange Giant) which I haven't cut yet. Both have done very well for me and were easy to grow. I have only grown enough for treats this year, but next year I'd like to grow A nice plot of each.

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