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    Jan 27, 2009
    St. Augustine, Florida
    I need a better waterer for my flock. any recamondations. Please post. Thanks. Ijust have a watering bowl and they run it dry within the same day. But ill try somting on my own thanks anyway.[​IMG]
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    Well what do you have now?
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    ok, everyone is going to say I'm being nasty but I've got to do this cuz you are makinbg me nuts.

    You are asking all kinds of questions. Have your done any reading on this site? All the questions you are asking have been posted many many times.

    I'll go back to my corner now
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    northwest Ohio
    yes, i have answered 3 or 4 of your posts now and you need to give more info on you situation, and have you looked at the learning pages? Use the search button before you start a post your question may have already been answered
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    Please try to chill for 24 hrs or so after posting a question -- you hve to wait for enough people to SEE it to respond [​IMG]

    Most people use vacuum-style plastic or galvanized waterers. You buy them at a farm store or online. The 1-gallon ones start at $5 or so; they go up from there depending on size, material, design. What size you need depends on how many chickens and how often you want to be dumping/cleaning/refilling.

    Some people use automatic setups. They are prone to chronic leakage or occasional big floods but if your coop is set up so that's not the end of the world, and you're in a non-freezing climate, they can be good.

    Various gizmos exist for preventing ice in regular waterers during wintertime.


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    If you have a small flock and an electrical source, you may appreciate an electric dog bowl like the ones made by Farm Innovators. Mine worked through the recent 'Siberian Express' with chill factors to -41C. In Florida you can probably manage with cheapo plastic waterers as Pat suggests, or low plastic bowls.
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