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Oct 16, 2010
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This afternoon as I was reading posts on BYC there was one that "grabbed"my attention. It was about Whelp's Hatchery having Porcelain Pyncheon and gave a link.Well crazy as a bedbug me had to click on it. Now I'll be honest I know very little about that hatchery and make it a mission to do my homework before I order something as important as chickens.
Well the Pyncheon happened to be on the "rare breed"page and I just HAD to look at the breeds.

Well great balls of fire I saw all the breeds together that I wanted that the hatchery I really like did not have.One of the breeds was Russian Orloffs but it said sold out for the year.

Did that stop me?Well no.I called them and they said they would have some available later this month.Before I could do anything we were cut off as we had had so much rain my phone was acting up.
I finally came back to earth and realized I needed to do a bunch of things concerning my job.I hustled and then with only 15 min. before they closed,
look at the damage I did.

Pullets ordered:Russian Orloffs-5
Mottled Javas-5
Speckled Sussex-5
Salmon Faverolles-5
(To make my order come out to 25, cockerels-5 for the freezer)
Then even though it was going to push my order date out further, 8 EE's
And for some crazier reason I added 2 more cockerels
It has been confirmed:I am crazy for sure. What's nuts too is that I had had a very long conversation with the girl at the local feed store about ordering chicks through them and making sure the chicks would be vaccinated as the ones they were ordering would not be vaccinated.My BFF doesn't even know I've done this as we were to get chicks together from the feed store.

Man just goes to show you it is indeed "dangerous to get on the BYC" site.
Congrats on the chicks, but I have to tell you, -

Just because a hatcheries offers a claimed rare breed does not mean much.
Because of low demand (since most people get rare breeds from breeders) - The birds may have flighty or aggressive behaviors, they will not look like what you see in most photos or illustrations, and some breeds offered aren't pure.

Highly doubt hatcheries have Pyncheons, and I've personally never heard of Porcelains, if anything, they'd only be offered by breeders. It is quite possibly a "scam" from hatcheries like Buff Cornish (most hatcheries just sell you Buff Orpingtons)

There was one hatchery that even claimed to have Tolbunt Polish

Now, sorry for the party crashing, hope it is to your satisfaction though!
LOL,Illia. There is no way you can crash this party.
I've done a lot of homework on BYC about the breeds from hatcheries verses the breeds from quality breeders.In fact you are extremely knowledgeable and I agree with what you say about the quality of birds from hatcheries. As I just like having a nice variety to look at and different colors of eggs it doesn't matter at this time. If I was to become a serious breeder then that would be a different story.

Anyway from what I've read on BYC it is not easy to even buy quality birds because of lack of availability.I think it would be hard to find all these breeds but I may be wrong. I'm glad there are serious breeders out there in case I move to a place where I could have nice breeders.
For now just variety and eggs. It's worked so far for me.

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