Bielefelder Hatching eggs avaialble now!!!

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    We are proud to offer for the first time to the American public Bielefelder hatching eggs.

    The Bielefelder is a new breed of German origin. It was
    created in the early 1970s, and a bantam variety appeared in 1983. They were
    seeking to develop a large, quiet, cold-resistant bird that was a good egg
    producer. This is an auto-sexing breed. They breed true, but chicks
    are sexable by color at one day of age. Among the breeds used to develop
    the Bielefelder were the New Hampshire, Rhode Island Red and Welsummer.
    The birds are recognised only in the Legbar color.

    This breed is very large –roosters can weigh over 10 lb.—and the
    beautiful hens lay piles of jumbo brown eggs. The introduction of modern chicken breeds is often accompanied with much hype, but in the case of the Bielefelders the superlatives happen to be true. Bielefelders consistently lay the largest eggs of any chicken breed that we have kept at Elite Poultry, and they lay them in impressive numbers.

    Elite Poultry was the first in the United States to own bielefelders outside of GreenFire Farms flock.

    Price is $140.00 per 6 eggs and the price includes shipping.




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    Congrats! Beautiful Chicken Mike. :)
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    Wow, gorgeous!
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    Will they be available this year?
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