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    May 29, 2007
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    Our 16 chicks are doing awesome and are just over 3 wks old, we should have the coop moved to where we plan to keep them and (fingers crossed) should have the run and everything complete by Friday -my twins & hubby don't have to work on Friday, I know if they keep at it, it can get done, it's the initial "get up and go" that I need to try to get them to....a size 7.5 should do it LOL!!! Anyway, all birds are healthy but are ready to move from their pool (w/chicken wire around it) to their new home. I have one "pullet?" that is twice as big as the other chicks, "her" feet are obnoxiously huge compared to the others but "she" really seems to be the friendliest....the others "spaz" when I reach in to feed or water but "she" just stands there like.....OH YEAH MORE FOOD!!! LOL......everything seems to be twice as big, so I named her Big Bertha, but then thought maybe they made 1 mistake and "she's" a roo??? I told my 6 yr old stepdaughter, if "she's" a boy, we'll have to call him BIG BIRD, can't have a boy named Bertha!! we all had a chuckle!! it's the only one I've named because I can't tell any of the others apart, 8 RIR and 8 CA whites....BIG BERTHA/BIRD is one of the CA whites -here's a pic

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    Gosh, that looks familiar!!! We got a bunch of day-old chicks last year and one of them was much bigger than the others - just like yours. He turned out to be a beautiful roo!!!! The funny thing was, we couldn't figure out how he could have possibly fit inside an egg!!!!!
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    I hope it's not a Cornish cross that fell into the bin on accident. Good luck!

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