BIG BIRD questions, and advice sought. With photos. :)


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Mar 19, 2010
wellsburg, Wv.
I had 2 cornish X chickens from TSC. I'm pretty sure I got them the last week of March. I know that you are supposed to butcher them 8-12 weeks or so... Well, I didn't I was kind of doing an experiment with them. My bro-in-law raises a batch of meaties every summer. They live in a small coop and run. Very small. All they do is eat, and lay around. The first year I was around on processing day. They were the most unhealthy looking birds I had ever seen. They could barely stand, and they sounded like asthmatics. Then he cut them up. They had SOOO much fat in them. It was quite gross. I wasn't fond of how they tasted either.
They didn't age the meat at all. Short soak in cold water, then straight into vacuum packs.

I decided to see if I could raise a bird that was healthier and tastes good.
These 2 birds were raised with the rest of my flock. All layers.
They got to eat and scratch and run around with the other birds out in the yard.

They grew and grew. Then I started getting ideas about crossing a meat with a layer. I was hoping one was female. I wanted to keep them alive long enough to lay a couple eggs.
But they are both roos... and I unfortunately have 4 roosters... well had.

My son is almost 2 but not a small boy. He probably weighs 40lbs. Those birds are BIG. But also healthy & strong.

I think these roosters weigh about 25lbs, no joke. I wish I had a hanging scale. I could barely reach my arm all the way around them to hold him.



That was last Friday. I soaked him over night in that cooler with ice and salt water. I changed the water a few times when it looked funny.
I was going to soak him for a week, but then I read in a book that the best way to age them is loosely wrapped and sitting in the fridge.

Now how long can I age him? Should I freeze him now?
I know no matter what I do he is going to be kinda tough, so my plan is soup, or ground chicken.

Also, I saw my remaining rooster trying to mount a hen... would it be possible for him to fertilize her? I'm really curious to see what kind of birds I would get from that cross.

Thanks all!

Oh and any cooking advice would be appreciated.
He sure can. That is how I started one of my strains way back when. They are clumsy breeders and need a hen who is pretty big and will allow the attemps. Your roos look good. I would cut the bird in quarters and soak them in buttermilk in the fridge. One quarter I would make chicken dumpling soup, one I would make chicken pot pie,(I would make these both at the same time) one I would make tenders, and one I would crock pot.

Chicken soup and chicken pot pie

1 stalk celery
1 lb carrots
1 sm onions
1 tsp salt
1tsp pepper
5 quarts of water
add chicken and slow simmer for two hours, strain stock and de-bone chicken and save all of your stock

2 qts chicken stock
2 eggs
1 cup flour
1/2 of the de-boned chicken

simmer the stock
mix eggs and flour. add a dash of salt and pepper I also throw in parsley occasionally
using a spoon, drop dumpling into the simmering stock

Make a pie crust
1 lb of carrots chopped small
2 potatoes chopped small
1 cup of frozen peas
1 stick of butter
rest of chicken
2 tablespoons of flour
1 tsp salt
melt flour in fry pan, sprinkle in flour and cook, slowly add rest of stock than the carrots, potatoes, salt and chicken. Slowly cook till carrots are almost done, add peas. Flavor to taste. I usually add pepper, some sage.
Put in a large bread pan and rest for 1 hour
cover with pie crust
Bake 400 30 minutes
Hey, a new dumpling recipe! I collect them. Sounds a little like rivels. How large do you drop them? Teaspoon, tablespoon, tangerine? Inquiring minds, y'know.
Teaspoons full
Great story. HUGE chicken. Great recipes, too.

I wouldn't be so sure that he's going to be tough, especially with as long as you've rested him. Let us know how your chicken tastes! Our meaties are some of the happiest chickens we raise. It's great watching them run around and be chickens, isn't it?
I did enjoy watching them run with the rest of the birds.
I work all weekend, and tomorrow too. I haven't had a chance to do anything with him yet.
Will it be ok to let him sit through tomorrow and cook it or freeze it on tuesday?

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