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    Feb 8, 2012
    My Dorking is sat under 12 bantam eggs, in the middle are tiny bantam eggs and around them are medium bantam eggs. She has already cracked a small bantam egg even though it is in the middle and I am really worried if those 5 eggs get cracked, Its important to me that they dont. What shall i do?!

    Many Thanks

  2. RhodeRunner

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    In my experience heavy (5+pounds) large fowl tend to trample bantam eggs, and chicks. If one is already broken, don't be surprised if it happens to even more of them. And there is nothing like a rotten cracked egg to ruin a hatch! If these eggs are important to you, move them under a smaller hen, or put them in an incubator.
    Otherwise, you are just going to have to take the risk if you leave these eggs under her. Making a more secure nest may help. You can do this by making a bowl out of straw, and keeping it smaller so all the eggs stay in place. Also, creating a nest where the hen can't jump onto the eggs should also help prevent her from breaking them.
    If the chicks do hatch, you may want to consider brooding them yourself.

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