Big changes coming for my flock - how to transition?


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
Our current set up:
We have 4 Roosters - 1 BR, 1 BO, and 2 Mutts. The mutt boys got tired of being picked on by the dominant roo, the BO, and pretty much entirely free range. They hang around the yard and don't go in the coop at all anymore. The BR gets chased off by the BO once I let them out in the morning and sneaks his food, plus he gets lots of snacks from me.
We did have 10 pullets/hens - 6 BRs, 2 BOs, and 2 Mutts. The BO roo is the dominant one so they pretty much follow him around, even though he is pretty "active" with them.

Their coop is pretty large - around 12x20. They have a huge, uncovered run that they mostly hang out in, and fly out to go on expeditions for a little while each day. Inside the run is a little "goat barn" (8x16) that we had planned on turning into a brooder.

Last weekend, we picked up a couple new hens, so they are in the goat barn. DH covered the opening and secured it, added roosts and nest boxes, and it made a decent coop.

Our plan now is to separate the hens and roosters. DH wants to just put all the BRs together in the old coop and put the BO roo, the BR girls, the new hens, and the mutt girls together in the new coop (old goat barn). His thinking is that we can alternate days to let them out and run around.

My questions:
  • Will they be ok to stay in their coops, every other day? There will be 7 chickens in each coop. Is this enough room for them?
  • How do I introduce the BOs, Mutts, and the roo to the "new girls"?
  • Will the BR hens accept the BR roo as "their rooster" fairly easily?
  • One of my BR hens is inside the house right now b/c of pecking order stuff. Any advice on moving her back outside?

Hmmm. . . I know I had some more questions. i'll be back when I think of them!
:cough :cough

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