Big combed pullet or roo?


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6 Years
Mar 12, 2013
So this boy/girl has been a topic of controversy between my fiance and I. I'm pretty convinced it's a roo but our local fish guy is saying it has a chance of being a lady with a big comb so it's making us doubt our certainty. He/She is the same age as the other orpingtons and is no bigger, feathered about the same and the feet are no different. The only difference is the comb and wattles. Guesses? Tips?

looks like a rooster to me.

Dont know why the guy would think otherwise. Did he see a comparison picture?
He's a Mr. hot shot shoo. Buff Orps take a good while to get their saddle and hackle feathers, that's probably what is throwing him off.

Beautiful orps though

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