Big crops?


10 Years
May 21, 2009
New york
Well today I noticed my 6 week old red sex links crops are buldgeing out of there chest. I can push on them and feel feed.

The had chick starter, scratch, brocoill, strawberrys, watermellon, and yogurt today. They get a sprinkle of grit on there feed, and theres a bowl of grit in there pen also.

Is this normal after they pig out?

Should they go back down by morning?

its a heavy plastic baby food container.

It screwed into the wall. It holds about a handfull of grit. They take it when they need it

IMHO, chicks that age should have nothing coarser than sand for grit. At least, be sure the grit you are offering is for young chicks, and not adult chickens.

I would get them outdoors and offer chick feed only, plus whatever they find, at least for a few days. Even in NY, they are plenty old enough to be outdoors and choose for themselves.

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