Big Downsizing sale-CA

S n M Poultry

14 Years
Aug 31, 2007
I have a trio of Giant Blue cochins
and 5 or 6 Giant white cochins. Take them all for $80 or if you want the trio of blues $30. If you want the white $60. I also have a flock of of 5 bantam partridge cochins $50. 14 bantam partridge cochin chicks $5 each. 1 serama chick $10. 1 black and white sizzle cockerel $5. 18+ silver phoenix eggs $25(includes shipping). 12+ bantam patridge cochin eggs $25(includes shipping). 6+ Oregon Gray turkey eggs $50(Includes shipping)
Cochin is a breed-a big fluffy chicken with feathers on its legs and feet-selling a trio I suppose that would be 1 rooster and 2 hens-I think the partridge are both boys and girls
If you go to my website you can see photos of the bantam partridges. I have not shown them but i went to a show and saw a pullet that won BB that looked almost completly identical to my pullet.

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