big enough to tell now? rooster or Pullet?


8 Years
Jan 30, 2011
Western montana
Both of these are usually at each other, they tend to dance around each other some, also the astorlorp has waddles, and the others do not. Are these two roosters?? They are the sweetest and most gentle of my birds. they love to eat from your hand and sit on my lap or the kids. please, can you tell me yet what they are??


the australorp has waddles, but the other girls her age do not, and there combs are small and this one has a orange comb, and the other girls have small yellow combs.
you chickies look just like mine!! and I have a golden comet and a jersey giant!
My black jersey giant has an almost blue tint to her feathers just like yours and her legs have just changed to blackish!!
also my bright orange chickie - golden comet, not a red she has shiny pretty neck feathers and is just so much prettier than the reds
lol yeah i thought yours looked like mine to
I love these birds, there totally tame, will cry if I have to rehome, and where to rehome is the question of the day !

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