Big goat problem at the auction today


11 Years
Oct 15, 2008
South Central Virgina
We had a problem with our hands actually. It turns out to be a great story with 3 Bottle baby Nubian bucklings, 2 Nigerian bottle baby Doelings, 3 Just barely weaned Pygmys 2 bucklings and a doeling, a sheep that I don't even know what it is, a couple of Boer does, a Saanen doe, and the best of all a Nubian Doe with Milk! Now comes the grafting process. Only problem is I think we have a forth emergency bottle baby coming on Monday...

I know, I know... Pictures.

We brought home 13 animals today. Had to dicker with a meat buyer at the end to get the Nigerian babies. He ended up getting the momma for free... but we saved the babies!

I am much to tired to work with the pictures now, but some we will be selling and some we will be keeping, so I will get pictures on here in one form or another tomorrow.


Everybody lives so far away from me with all these goat babies
It's going to kill me waiting until June and July for my does to kid, if they're even pregnant

This is why I don't go to auctions, I would come home with a truck load of animals. My husband would kill me. Do they take VISA?
Well great job! Always nice to help those that need it most. (That is how we ended up with basically all the animals.)

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