BIG humidity issue, are they beyond help?

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Nov 10, 2008
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I set 17 eggs on Feb 27. My hygrometer was reading low so I kept raising the water bottle that feeds the incubator. Yesterday morning I noticed droplets of water on the dome of the bator so yesterday afternoon I bought a new hygrometer. I put the new Hygrometer in after dark, sure enough the old one was reading wrong, very wrong, the new one read 96% humidity! I removed the eggs from the bator and dumped out all the water from the wells. Put it back together and turned the bator back on. I turned off all the lights and candled the eggs, I can see early development in most (and I am usually hard pressed to see anything until much later in the hatch, I just don't have the eye for it usually), but there are NO visible air cells anymore

I'm 5 days into incubation, is it just too late and it's a failed hatching attempt (give up now?) or is there a way to still bring the eggs around? If there is a chance of still hatching them, where does the humidity have to be to dry the eggs enough but not too much?

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If it were me, I would do a dry hatch and candle every 3 days, keeping my eye on the air cells. Once they get about where they should be edge the humidity up, and I'd bump it up at lockdown. Wishing you a great hatch!
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