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Mar 11, 2009
Long Island, NY
Hi, my 6 month old pullet named big red has always been kinda weird, she walks around looking this way and that and seems to be very cautious, she's always the first one in the coop at night. Nervous Nellie is what I should call her. Well, today is different. She's doing her same head turning thing but is really agitated. She seems to be looking for a place to lay her egg, so I keep putting in the coop into the nesting box. All other birds seem fine and have been in and out of the nesting box this morning - no problems. She keeps escaping into our fenced yard, looking around for something.

Could she be egg bound? If so, what should I do to help? I did feel her bottom and it did feel like an egg might be in there. Any suggestions?
Hmmm, maybe she's working on a big egg? One of my girls was pretty wild-eyed before she laid a whopper double-yolker. My only experience with egg-binding was with a pullet about the same age as yours but her symptoms were different. She was tired and wilted looking and did not move around. I would suggest searching on the topic of egg-binding and see what you come up with.

I hope she is OK!
Has she ever laid any eggs before? Or will this be her first one? New layers sometimes take a little longer.

Watch her to make sure she doesn't seem to be in any stress. Panting or holding her wings out.
Hi, she has laid an egg before but probably not many. She is panting a bit, although today is kinda hot and humid, and she is moving around quite a bit. I gave her a warm bath for a few minutes which she wasn't crazy about and then locked them all up in their run so at least she doesn't escape anymore. I would think the best place for her to be is in her nesting box.

My daughter did pick her up earlier, do you think she could have broke an egg inside her? MY daughter is very gentle with her always though.

Yeah, mine hated the bath too! I think at this point the best thing to do is watch and wait. I doubt that your daughter did any harm by picking her up. I have a feeling that Nervous Nellie is going to get things moving on her own.
She's better now that she laid an egg, I guess she's just a drama queen! Either that or she wanted to lay under the coop which I've fixed up and prohibited them from doing! Thanks!

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