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    Mar 25, 2016
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    Just looking for clarity in Bantam & Large Fowl crosses. I currently have a flock of Horstman bantam barred rocks, and have hatching eggs shipping tomorrow from Duckworth line LF barred rocks. These will be housed separately, but I also have a 'table egg' flock, also housed separately that is essentially extra housing for birds from the show lines that fall short - basically a living cull option for low end show line birds to go lay eggs for the table.


    Really just wondering about results of breeding left-overs from each respective barred rock flock to the other. Are the breeds closely enough related that sizing is the only signifucant change? These wouldn't be destined for exhibition mind you, but Dick's bantams have amazing personalities and if I could conceivably pass that on to a bigger bird (and potentially bigger eggs on a more frequent lay schedule) I wouldn't mind having them around in the table egg/barnyard/pet coop(s).

    This got rambly ;) Sorry - but that's the gist of it. Responses appreciated.

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