Big window

Ole rooster

8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
Milner, Georgia
As some of you know when I built my coop I put in a 36 X 32 inch window/door. I also insulated the coop. I did these thing not know really what I was doing. Well, today I saw a good reason I did. My hen that hatched 6 chicks started sitten in one of the nest also hatched the chicks there. It's been getting cold here so they have been acting differently. I clean out the coop every morning early so the chicks will have a clean coop to run around in. I went to check on them about 10 this morning and mama the the 6 chicks were all at the window scratching in the sand in chicken bliss. With all the windows closed and the sun coming in the window it was supprisingly warm in there. They spend a lot of the day at the window. So I am glad I insulated and I'm also very happy with the large glass door.

Just to let some of you comtemplating building a coop, sometimes it may be used in a way not intended. I am so glad I insulated and used the ridge vent. I know some chicks that are too.

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