Bill & Teds Next Big Adventure



5 Years
Jun 2, 2017
Just south of Detroit Michigan
Last year my husband came home with 2 Pekin ducklings on Memorial weekend, that was where this all began! These little fuzz buckets had to be the cutest thing this city slicker had ever seen. With my husband you never know what to expect. This man is full of surprises, like when he brought these 2 Pekins home on his motorcycle:eek:

I started reading everything I could on how to care for these guys. I kept saying wow this is going to be an adventure. I thought, I have no clue what these 2 ducks are (male or female) screw it, I'm naming them Bill and Ted, after a movie in the early 90's Bill and Ted's excellent adventure!!! Come to find out later.....Bill is a hen and Ted is a drake(slightly yellow, that's all taken care of now)

These two have been an adventure all right!!!! They are almost a year old and I have enjoyed these two so much. Knowing that my ratio is waaay off, I decided that it was time for more females. I know that I wanted to make sure that I got females. I could not take the chance that I may get more males if I waited for Chick Days at TCS to get more ducks. I did research and found that I absolutely loved the Silver AppleYard ducks! So I ordered 2 females and had to wait two weeks for their arrival. Unfortunately when they arrived, only one survived.

I was heartbroken because of the death but filled with joy because this little one survived the long trip from being born in California to arrive in Michigan. I decided to name her Babs after my Aunt Barbara who lives in California who is a survivor of cancer and is the most strong willed woman I know. It just seemed so fitting to call her Babs. I called the hatchery where I got them from and asked for a refund. They would have replaced them for free and shipped 2 more the following Monday but I decided that shipping these guys such a far distance is very unfair to them and to potentially die from shipping is just not worth it.

Now what was I going to do? I was left with just one duck:hitBabs couldn't be raised without a sister, so off to TCS I went because they had just started the Chick Days a week or so ago. I got some great advise on here and was told to pick the smallest quietest duckling in the bunch. TCS has a two bird minimum but the lady was going to sell me just one because of my unfortunate situation. Together we picked the smallest one we could find, at the last minute I found one that looked even smaller. I told the TCS worker to put it in the box as a comparison to the other one we picked. We both agreed that they both, side by side, looked to be the same size. My impulse took over and I took both of them home. :love

Now I know that I have some time until I will figure out the sex of these 2 pekins I brought home to go with Babs, but I do think that I got a male and a female from TCS - NOT COOL! Ted, my drake, is a hand full enough and I do NOT need another male in my life.....The DH and Ted are more then I can currently handle. :gig

After a couple of days of watching these 3 ducklings interact I decided that I needed to name these guys. We think that this one is the female and she is always running around and hard to keep still, I named her Turbo.

And we think this one is the male. I'll be really lucky if she turns out to be a female....I find it only fitting to name this one Lucky.

I hope Bill and Ted are as accepting of these 3 sweethearts as I am and I cant wait to see what next big adventure my family of 5 ducks take me on.
Such a sad but precious story. Sad you lost one in transient, happy you were able to find friendsfor Babs right off. They are adorable. And you know if Lucky does turn out to be drake that just means more females [duck math always wins out] ;).

Love those precious faces.:love. Congrats on your new adventure and I think Bill and Ted will be happy for the new additions to the flock once they get to know them.
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