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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by smom1976, Sep 10, 2008.

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    May 2, 2008
    Pensacola, FL
    So my mother who now lives in Seattle is looking to move closer to me here in florida. She specializes in bookkeeping for non profit organinzations.

    So in her search she found a habitat for humanity position in Biloxi MS.. I dont know anything about this town other than

    #1 lots of casinos,
    #2 was hit hard by katrina
    #3 during the hard times had lots of crime. (dont know if this has changed.

    If there are any people on here that could tell me more I would love to know.
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    Jun 14, 2008
    N. IL.
    Can't you go to a govt. census on line to look up how Biloxi fairs in crime rate, unemployment...?

    I'm pretty sure you can.

  3. I do not live in MS. We live in WI....
    I fell in love with MS when down there visiting hubby a few times before he deployed to Iraq. He was training at Camp Shelby. He was there for "Ivan". Was in Iraq during "Katrina".

    But I fell in love with the whole area and we decided to move to MS.
    I spent months and months looking for houses. Then we had it narrowed down to 3 housed in the Ocean Springs ares (not to far from Biloxi). I had most of our stuff packed up. Was taking one last trip down to look at the final choices again, when just as I was booking my flight "Katrina" updates came more and more. So I postponed my trip. Over the next week or so, the houses I was looking at were either severly damaged or no longer there.
    As a matter of fact the "Pirate Ship" casino was now in the hotel room I stayed in not long before. The ship was ship wrecked...

    Long story short...We never moved...We stayed in WI... [​IMG] I love it down in MS though and would still love to live down there... [​IMG]
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    well everything that you listed is true. we do have lots of casinos, as bad as they are they saved our economy. yep we got hit very hard by katrina. the crime issue i'm not sure--i guess it would depend on what you consider high crime. after the casinos came in our banks started getting robbed alot. are there areas that have crime?yes there is, but i would drive thru those areas and not worry about being shot. walk thru-- maybe. all the cities run together down here. you have biloxi which is the gambling town, then gulfport,long beach, pass christain,bay st louis, waveland. the other direction east you have pascogula, ocean springs. we have a very large ship building industry, shrimping, and many many businesses popping up everyday.
    i have been all over this country and the one thing i find is that the people are the same everywhere the only difference is the accent. try googling some of the towns i mentioned, go to home town websites and see what you find. oh and if you don't want to be right on the coast wiggins seems to up and coming--we still have plenty of country living avalible, and most of it is within driving distance to work and play.
    hope this helps some--i grew up here on the coast and wouldn't live anywhere else.[​IMG]
  5. smileybritches

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    oh and my partner is from WI--she came down 12 years ago during the spring, fell in love with the azealas and the weather(spring not summer) and stayed. maybe i shouldn't mention:D the lovely august weather

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