BIN 10+ white silkie hatching eggs,ships 6/29/2015week: great Bloodlines, located Georgia


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Our White Silkies are laying very well and these will be available the week of 6/29/2015 $35 for the eggs plus shipping. Our white silkies are laying very well so we expect continued availability of this grouping. When renewed listing, old comments came forward so please disregard any remarks that continued from renewing our former listing. These eggs will be shipped after paypal is received (no Epay please) the payment has cleared and mailing instructions received. . 10+ means if there are extra silkie eggs the day of shipping I will include them. And extras are expected, not promised though. If you want to order but don't have paypal, please contact us either on BYC message or on farm email: [email protected]. If you are new member on BYC with limited messages, feel free to contact us at the farm email ([email protected]) but please tell us your BYC name.

The Garry Farm breeder silkies are crested, bearded, blue ear lobes, black skin, 5 toes. Our white flock is largely from Mbrobbins here on BYC who has done very well in shows but also have silkies from other BYC'ers and others who have award winning birds. In the White pens our lines include two sons of Aimee Crego rooster bought directly by our farm by a BYC'er who bought the rooster from Aimee at a Newnan Show. We also have hatched several white birds from CJ Silkies as well! Although all our breeders are show quality, not pet quality, I cannot guarantee that you will only get show winners, but it certainly helps when you have a wonderful gene pool working for you... for more photos or on facebook or website,

Hatching rates vary according to postal handling and incubation but we are very pleased to learn that all but one of Papa Brooder's shipment (from GA to Cal) made it to lockdown! and that's really spectacular for shipped eggs. Come on through little babies!

Shipping detail at last paragraph:no guarantee that there will be no breakage & no hatch guarantee since these are out of our control due to variables in transit & incubation. So,we do not replace eggs. Payment details Shipping is $18.50 for these For all BUT west Coast, This is Priority Mail mail with tracking number delivery. Due to increased USPS rates, we regret we will have to increase our west coast shipping (California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona) to $22.50. IF YOU WANT A 72 hour HEATING PACK, it will be $5 more which represents cost of heating pack, extra weight and padding materials. Heating pack helps keep temperatures stable as they travel in unheated trucks or may wait on tarmac for airplane travel. To buy or not to buy is up to you:) Please disregard comment below, comments are carried forward when we renew our listing. We wrap and ship carefully but do not guarantee hatch rate or replace eggs as shipping and incubation/brooding is out of our control. For details on how we ship eggs, please see last line. We believe in them as a tool for stabilizing the egg's temperature This heating pack is your decision:)
Paypal address is [email protected] NO EPAY PLEASE - it delays shipments. Please be sure to put your name, mailing address, what you are ordering and your BYC name in the paypal notes. So please pm me the mailing address and any special mailing instructions (including asking post office to hold - for that we need your phone number for outside of the box) Be sure to put your BYC name and what you are ordering in paypal notes! Please message me with questions and if you are a new member with only a few messages, you may e mail us at [email protected] Also we farm full-time but we check in on BYC a few times a day!And if you have sufficient incubator space or broody hens, we do offer other chicken hatching eggs (you can search for our name - bargain) Feel free to pm me about these as well. If you wonder what other listings we have please visit here and scroll down past feedback. current offerings include new for 2015 Saxony duck eggs!Thank you so much and have a blessed day!

PLEASE DO SEE OUR RATINGS UNDER Profile for feedback from other BYC'ers
Thanks for your interest and have a blessed day.

For more information about our farm see:
or Facebook: The Garry Farm or The Garry Farm Animals for sale
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Couldn't have been next week......
I have a couple eggs in my bator going into lockdown this week and hatching on sunday so I cant set until next week..... Amazing deal though for someone!
Will see how their laying goes regarding offering another special....You know silklies LOVE to go broody. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy
I got my eggs yesterday! They were shipped very well the kids thought it was adorable the way each one was wrapped individually. Thanks for int instructions. we let them rest for 8 hours point down and set them last night.
I am sooo soo happy. You tell those little eggs and babies that Granny Nanny is praying they will be healthy and strong..... Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful hatch. (really it's Nancy but doesn't rhyme with Granny)!

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