BIN 11 split lavender silkie eggs ship tomorrow! shipping included


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HI guys-Had to hold an order for a customers family emergency and the ship date for hers has changed so I'm offering up what I have on hand now and will wrap and ship tomorrow
you will get exactly 12 eggs- Fertility has been amazing. the percentages on hatching pure lavs are as follows:

25% pure lavs ( all though its been more like 35%)
25% pure blacks
50% splits

All splits in my pen are black splits-no other colors have ever been involved with these birds. These photos were taken in Fall-I let them all out for the Summer to free range- gives them a nice break!

8 weeks old

look closely at the right foot-the 5th toe is there just a bad photo holding the bird by mylself today!

I have 12 running around my brooders of different ages as I fertility test every time I load my bator with 2-4 eggs...all have been fertile-hatch rate about 85-90% . My paypal addy is pay as soon as auction ends so I can get these ready for shipment. thank you~
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