BIN ~12+ Paint Silkie Hatching Eggs ~ Ship Thurs 5/31


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
This is a Buy it Now Listing - Please reply sold to purchase!

Listing Details:
This listing is for 12 + Paint silkie eggs. I would like to ship these on Thurs, May 31. There will be at least 12, probably several extras. My brooders are all full and I just can't hatch any more at this time, so have decided to offer these for sale. If for some reason the girls don't cooperate the buyer will have the option of waiting a couple more days or canceling the order. Shipping will be $14 for Priority with delivery confirmation. Shipping to the continental US only.

Paint Pens:
Pen 1 has a GM black roo over Brenda Gambil and Shagbark paint hens. Pen 2 has a Brenda Gambil roo over black and white hens, one of the black hens is Sunshine Silkies. There is also one showgirl hen in this pen, so it will be possible that you get a showgirl, but probably only one or two at best. Pen 3 is a Judy Lee paint roo over all black hens. All breeders have correct combs and feet, heavy foot feathering and nice crests and cushions. Some of the babies are vaulted, some are not. I get some pigment holes occasionally, but they seem to close up rather quickly.

Paints do not breed true. I sometimes get solid colored chicks and an occasional partridge from these pens. Fertility and hatch rate are great here, but I cannot make any guarantees on shipped eggs or your hatch rate. Although I pack with the utmost of care, I cannot control how the USPS handles the box once it leaves my hands. I will mark the box as fragile and with "this side up" stickers that also indicate they are live embryos, do not X-ray. If you would like me to mark anything else on the box, just let me know. Also, if you would like the post office to hold your package for pickup, please include a phone number with your paypal payment. Please let the eggs "rest" for 12 to 24 hours after receiving them before setting them.

PM me with any questions!
Thanks for looking! Happy hatching!

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