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  1. Okay, so I bought a binding machine off ebay... works FINE... all's good... but I'm not sure what this one knob does... and what size combs to buy so I thought I'd ask on here. I emailed one lady at acco, for advice, but that may take a while and I'm an impatient cuss.

    Here's the link to the listing....

    knob on the left of the machine controls how far the binding combs are opened... that I get... numbered 1-9
    I think it also controls the margin... how far from the edge the holes are punched.

    But I have no idear what the knob on the right does... it's got boodles of fractions on it.
    It can't be the hole punch size... as those are metal rods that are 5/16ths rectangles...
    I know which controls opening and margin... so what the heck else is there??

    REALLY lost on that one, but since it works as it is I don't think this is all that vital.

    Also, some verification that the combs I need to buy have <5/16 "posts" is good...
    Are ALL combs designed to fit these 5/16th rectangles.. so the numbers you see ONLY apply to the diameter of the coiled comb?
    I'd hate to order some and them turn out to be useless... I think I've got that right...
    That the numbers... 5/16....3/4... are diameter and thus how many sheets will fit on that comb...
    Though, why don't they just bloody say 20, 40, 100... why do they do this fraction stuff and risk this confusion...

    ANYWHO, any advice appreciated. [​IMG]
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    You can use any size combs. I have no idea about the knob, but we use ours for anything from 1/4 inch to 3 inches. The length of the comb never changes - the size is around not length. So if you need to bind something that uses one ream of paper you need a 2" comb.
  3. Leave it to Deb... you're brilliant THANK YOU.

    Now I can start drooling over the combs and not worry that they won't fit the holes... just pages.

    Ohhh YAY... I love shopping for school supplies. *happy dance*
  4. debilorrah

    debilorrah The Great Guru of Yap

    Quote:[​IMG] The combs come in all different colors too. We buy the covers and combs to match. Sometimes use the clear front cover and matching back cover.
  5. debilorrah

    debilorrah The Great Guru of Yap

    I just looked at the photo - the knob is for placing where the top hole and bottom holes are punched. Use some scrap paper first to make sure they are even and then tighten the knob in the right spot and don't move it. Kinda like a three hole punch.
  6. Oh don't think I haven't noticed the covers... and colors... I was just too chicken to order because I was afraid I'd get the wrong one.

    Ohhh I am SO going to office max tomorrow.

    I'm loving their Max Rewards thing... they sent me a coupon for $10 off ANY ink purchase...
    Our printer was out of yellow... so I grabbed a yellow... $15 with tax... and only paid $5.
    They actually did mean it... NO minimum... no sneaky sneaks... that's so awesome.
    AND keep in mind that I hadn't bought a thing since signing up... this was out of the blue awesome.

    Also loving Krogers... they send me 'personalized' coupons for THEIR BRAND... not name brand, theirs.
    Because that's what I buy... so instead of 0.25c off the name brand that ends up still costing more than theirs...
    Instead I get their brand, that I buy anyways, for ubercheap.

    Oh yeah.. I'm having a good coupon month. [​IMG]
  7. On no... THAT is the knob that's on the flat part...

    The knob that's baffling me is on the right of the machine under the 'handle'...

    The handle controls the puncher when you pull forward and the comb opener when you push back...

    But I have no idear what that knob under it does... driving me nuts.
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    Apparently the Plastico Machines Corporation is out of business or in Mexico. I was looking for a booklet for it. Is that the exact one you bought?
  9. The ebay listing is the one I bought... that's the one place where my name isn't PineappleMama..

    It works... I know how to do binding thanks to years of volunteering at the school... just don't know what the devil that one knob is for.

    Curiosity is a bugger.

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