Biosecurity Question.


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
As a newbie to the chicken world I have a lot of information to take in.
I do have a question to any chicken maven who can help.

I have 2 brooders and one box with a 5 week old meat bird I inherited last week in the same room. None have had contact with my current flock. My question is, Are they any threat to each other (from a biosecurity stand point) because they have different origins? One brooder is meat birds from the farm store, one is a brooder full of chicks from a hatchery and Large Marge. They are all in different boxes but the same room.

Thanks in advance.
I have no idea what "large marge" is, so take that into account.

There is always a possibility of disease transmission. Even buying fertile eggs and hatching them yourself is not an ironclad guarantee against disease.

However, the farm store no doubt bought from a hatchery, and hatchery birds are RELATIVELY safe. Most often, disease comes from backyard breeders who either do not know there is disease present, or do not care.

So you are RELATIVELY safe, depending on what "large marge" means.
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Thank you. I was hoping you would chime in.

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