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  1. Yesterday, I gave my cat bio spot for flea treatment control. about a couple hours later she went into shaking and seizures. Anyways I called my vet and she said she must be having an allergic reaction to the drops I put on her. I gave her a bath with dish detergent like she advised and needless to say she was still shaking, all night long still havig mild seizures and shakeing. I just want everyone to know to research any topical aids you give to your animals. I almost lost my cat. Today she' still a little trembly but she is sleeping now, unlike me. The seizures have stopped. I'm supposed to bring her in at 12 this afternoon so the vet can do bloodwork and keep an eye on her kidneys and liver. I was so worried, I've used bio spot many timesand never had this happen. I hae 4 cats, 2 dogs, I adopted a bunny from our local shelter who was gonna be put down because she was infested with fleas, and I had even given this rabbit a dose of bio spot about 6 months ago. The bunny only had a little on the qtip, but it worked in 2 weeks the infestation was gone. Well if you do a search on Bio Spot reactions, there are so many people who have lost there animals because of this. Just a reminder to everyone when you administer them these meds, watch them closely for 48 hours, the animals that are allergic to it go into neurological shock.
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    This is true with pretty much every medicinal product out there. Even drugs as seemingly innocent as wormers kill animals.

    I'm glad your cat pulled through without needing epi and that the reaction wasn't fatal.
  3. Yes, Thats true. My cats seems better she's still shaky. The vet checked her and said its still a waiting game. They want to watch her and wait for blood work to come back and some other tests they did for liver damage. I should be able to bring her home tommorrow. She was given a valium to stop her shaking, they said that was from the seizures. It was good to see her calm down alot. I'm dying to find out the bill tommorrow, I had to give $200 just for them to check her out. It's definately gonna break the bank. On the lighter side today I recieved my order of Black Austalorps in the mail, so in the bator they went. I hope my weekend is better then my week has been.
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    I am a certified vet tech with many year experience. I can honestly say we see this regularly. Ecspecially with the stuff you buy at Walmart, CVS, etc. I am usually all for saving a buck, actually slightly cheap at times, but we commonly see cats with this stuff applied siezure and worse.

    I have NEVER seen this reaction with frontline or advantage and the hospital I work at sold SO MUCH of that stuff.

    Frontline and advantage are safe for cats. I have applied it to baby squirrels and what not with infestations. But biospot is VERY strong. AdvanTIX is not for cats. in fact, you are not even supposed to apply it to a dog if the cat is around.

    Hope your kitty makes a full recovery!! [​IMG]
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    sorry about this.
    bio-spot is notorious among animal folks as being a very risky sort of product.
    the thing is, it doesn't like other topical products, stay on the animals skin and coat, but rather, is absorbed into the bloodstream (that's how it does it's work).
    many people use it because it is much more affordable, but to me the risk isn't worth it.
    i hope your kitty recovers fully!
    thanks for spreading the word and warning folks.
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    I'm glad you were able to get your kitty cleaned up in time! I hope she's all better soon! Once we tried to save a few bucks (bad choice!) and got the stuff from wal-mart, everyone was ok, but one of our cats, Lou, is really sensitive to smells (he doesn't even like to get petted after I wash my hands because of the soap...) and he freaked out when I put it on him. He could hardly walk...i guess because of the smell, plus I think it must have been irritating, this was immediate, so I rushed him to the sink and washed it all off. He was fine, but we will never use that again! We stick to frontline just gets so darn expensive when you have two dogs and three cats, ya know...
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    also whatch the amount you are puting on ur animals.

    Glad ur cat is doing better.
  8. I assumed when I bought it at the feed store it was about $12, so I assumed it would be good. Anyways my cat is good theres no more shaking and seizures. Her stools seem ok. she still has to get checked 1 more time by the vet, but I see she's back to normal. I am buying a flea comb for her because she is very sensitive to meds. The only thing I've noticed since it all now is she's lost alot of her hair, its really thin in spots, mostly where I put it down her back in a line. The vet said the best thing I did was giving her a bath to get it off her skin and coat.he seems back to normal now and into everything.
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    My daughter had the same experiance with her cat. At the time she was a broke college student and bought it because it was cheaper.....I don't remember what brand she bought. I've always used frontline or advantage with good results.
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    Food grade diatomaceous earth can be used in the house, around the property, on the pet and given in their food to prevent/eliminate intestinal parasites and external parasites and it's 100% natural. [​IMG] The only downside to using it in the yard is that it will also kill all the "good" bugs too.

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