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    Apr 5, 2010
    Ok, so here I am posting for my Mom again, shes getting into showing her LF cochins a little later in life and wants to know EVERYTHING! I'm a Silkie show addict, and don't educate myself with normal feathered birds much at all [​IMG]. She hatched what looks like either a partridge or red/gold birchen from an assorted batch of SQ LF Cochin eggs. Something is wrong with my picture files & it won't let me attach a pic., so please bear with me in my description of the bird.
    She wants to enter her cockerel in the upcoming show, and I can't figure out what to enter him as. He is basically solid reddish bay all over his head & hackles. The bottom cape/neck feathers are black laced in the same reddish bay. Below his front neck feathers is all black, including his underside, lower half of his body, & all of his feet/shank feathering. His wing coverts are reddish bay with the primaries showing beatle green black. He has goldish tail/cushion coverts with the rest being a beatle green tail. I know it's difficult to decipher color without a pic, but does anyone know if red birchen (is that what they would call it?) is an accepted variety in LF Cochin? I tend to lean more towards the birchen since he doesn't have much red in his wing feathers and no beatle green bar on the secondaries that seems to be observed on normal feathered partridge. If anyone good at LF Cochin color & the standard is willing to PM me, I believe I can attach the pic via email (just not on forums for some reason??) to make it easier to distinguish. Thanks so much in advance to everyone!
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    Sounds like a Brown or Partridge. . . Try google and see if either matches.

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