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    Jan 18, 2008
    hi everyone. i don't have chickens yet but i hope/want to get some soon. but what about bird flu and caring for them and all of that. i have never had chickens before. i have had parakeets before but for whatever reason i was not afraid of bird flu with them. there's just something about chickens i guess. my friend in pembroke has 4 hens that the last owner left them with. my friend used to live in duxbury but moved to pembroke last year in 7th grade in practicly the middle of the school year. this past year before summer i was in 8th grade and now after summer i'll be in 9th grade, a freshman in highschool. any help? sorry i'm kinda parinoid about it i guess. thanks.
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    There's really not much to worry about here with that. You can have the state come in and test you birds if you are worried once you get them, though and, of course, clean your shoes/feet after you visit another farm before you walk on yours, etc., etc.

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