Bird Netting Madness

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    May 27, 2012
    Morgan Hill California
    So has anyone ever hung a bunch of bird netting? I got a bunch of really nice netting from MPC, its the two by two inch. I got 4 25' by 50' peices. Im finding that its a huge pain to work with. I thought I could get a nice even square over my yard, man was I wrong about that!. I guess becuase its stretchy? I dont know. Today I THOUGHT that I measured a nice peice and cut it into a smaller chunk so it would be easier to hang. Im not even sure what shape it turned out to be, it was supposed to be a square, but I think it didnt even make it as a trapezoid. I was just wondering if there was another method to the madness. Im giving up on trying to make it even, I probably went up and down the ladder trying to readjust it 100 times just for one little peice. Well at least the hawks wont have dinner via my chickens!
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    I don't know if you get snow but snow will bring netting down so make sure that you have the heavy knotted stuff and have it securely fastened to something that will not give, like posts

    OR make it "breakaway" on the edges so it simply falls down without taking your fence with it. Then you would be out there after every snow putting it back up but your fencing will not bend over.

    Can you hear the voice of experience here LOL?

    Yes netting never seems to go in a straight line.
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    Thankfully I dont live in snow anymore, I can just imagine all of that snow bringing down a bunch of netting. I lived in Wyoming and Montana. We had to shovel it off of our roofs and out of the driveway. Sometimes I had to park down at the bottom of the hill because I couldnt make it up to the top, so I had to run an extension cord all the way down to the bottom to plug my car in so the block wouldnt freeze. I miss playing in the snow, but I dont miss living in it. Tho California is going down the toilet in every way possible and sometimes I think about getting the heck out of here. The weather is hard to beat tho. Im going to con my freind into helping me with the rest of it so Im not out there cussing up a storm by myself.
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    you have to sew pieces like that together using cable (wire). The idea is to string it on the wire line and attach the wires to hook eyes screwed into very tall posts you have set into the ground. Visit the ornamental duck area and look at the many aviaries as we all use netting over them to keep the ducks in.
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    Feb 2, 2009
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    I had not seen the wire method CleticOakFarms mentioned. That sounds like it has real possibilities. I'll check those photos in a bit.

    I used a different method to keep a turkey from flying out. I had solid surfaces to attach to on two ends and one side so I used a strip of wood maybe 2" wide and about 1/2" thick and clamped the end of the netting between the solid wood and those strips. I drilled pilot holes in the strips and used screws to attach them. On the side with wire, I draped the netting over the wire and let it hang down some, then used wire to attach the netting. It was a pain working with that stuff, especially doing it alone.

    Depending on how high your sides are and how much area you are spanning you might need to provide a support to keep it from sagging. How you do that depends on your area.

    Good luck.
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    Apr 4, 2011
    I used deer netting for a portion of the top of my run. It's plastic, @ 3/4 X 3/4, it's very easy to work with. I have mine attached to beams spanning my run. It sags when it's covered with leaves but I attack them with the leaf blower and it springs right back. I got mine at TSC, but I see now they no longer carry it.

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