bird netting versus fishing line for calm chickens?

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    May 31, 2018
    We have wild birds (seagulls, ospreys, crows, ravens) flying over - not interested (so far) in chickens in the 20'x25' run but freaking them out and making them hide under the coop (smart chickens). Sometimes the birds fly by as frequently as every few minutes.

    While I had fishing line over the run in mind for protection from birds of prey, now I am thinking would 2"x2" cell bird netting instead make any difference in terms of how the chickens see or perceive potential threats in the sky? I.e. would they see less through the netting or understand they are protected from what is going on above the netting and thus freaking out less?
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    I don't think netting will make the chickens feel safer (though it will make them safer). Mine still alert when something flies by and I have 2"x2" netting. A solid roof would be the only way to block them from being able to see flying predators.
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    I have bird netting over my 40x40 fenced yard but when they spot a jet flying over they run into their hardware cloth secure run! To them I guess it appears to be a bird of prey way up high.
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    I agree if your worried about the stress they get from it and don't want your egg production to be affected I would just put a solid roof on it to make them happy. Good luck

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