Bird Netting?

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    We got most of the run finished last night. Yippee!! [​IMG] I was going to pick up some bird netting today to put over the run temporarily. We plan on putting a roof over part of the run, but I want to get it covered in the meantime so the chicks can play outside. For those of you who have used bird netting, how did you attach it to your run? Thanks for the advice.

  2. BayCityBabe

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    May 1, 2008
    My "aviary netting" cost me about $40-$50 and I was not terribly impressed. If your need is temporary, I would recommend deer netting. I bought a 100x7 piece at the local home store for about $8. I have used it to supplement the "aviary netting," whose mesh allowed small wild birds to access the run.
    As far as attaching the netting, we just used pieces of wire to tie it to the sides of our run.

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