Birdie Bootie for Bumblefoot

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    Mar 21, 2018
    Hi I was wondering if I could get some advice on bumblefoot. My duck went and saw vet and we are treating him for bumblefoot. I have two other ducks that have it as well. She showed me this great way to wrap their feet and use a piece of pool noodle under their foot for cushion around their bump on foot. My only issue is they keep getting their feet wet because they are ducks! I saw online these Birdie Booties and wanted to know if anyone has used them before. I'm considering ordering a few pairs for each of them to wear so I can still bandage but keep dry inside the shoe. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  2. Kathy Golla

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    I’m not a duck owner but have had chickens with bumblefoot with the treatment you mentioned.
    With ducks I think it would be ok if their foot was wet, up to a point.
    I think the point with the pool noodle is to get the pressure off the bumble so the foot can heal.
    I’ve used the chicken boots but they are snug, they wouldn’t have enough room for a pool noodle inside also. I’ve seen the duck birdie bootie and it’s snug too.
    The boots are also not waterproof.
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