Birds eating dogs poop?!


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Mar 10, 2011
I've been pretty good about scooping the dogs poop out of the yard; almost every day. Especially with a toddler.
But I recently noticed the birds scratching at the poop ( like they do everything else), and the poo I shoveled today looked pretty mangled... like it was half EATEN. This grosses me out (talk about flavor transfer)!
Has anyone noticed their birds EATING DOG POOP?
Again, yuck!
Chickens eat poop. It is what they do.
I think they should know better

(Funny they leave certain flowers and herbs alone, but go for smelly dog feces)
I'd think they'd get sick.. Or my eggs would start tasting... nonsense
Has the dog got worms? They may be after eating them.

My chickens absolutely avoid dog poo, but sheep poo is attractive to them (and the dog) and cow pats....well bliss if it is full of maggots.

Chickens are the true dustbins of the animal kingdom.
Oh lovely. I had the same question. While my dog is certainly interested in chicken poo, my girls (especially Pee-Nut) look at my dog like a vending machine with legs.

As soon as Kiah squats Pee-Nut (how she got her name) goes to get her "treat". Kiah (my dog) freaked out a bit the first few times this happened & would stop peeing and walk away very confused being followed by a chicken.

This has now evolved to all four chickens running full speed after her as soon as I let her out into the yard. If she goes to poo they are right there ready to fight over it. To be fair, my dog is raw fed high quality food but still - it's POO!!

So the real question - while I find the act utterly repulsive, are there any health issues that could arise in the chickens or their eggs? They should start laying in a month or so and trust me, I am fielding as much poo activity as possible. Pee not so much. I am picking my battles

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