Birds lost in transit by USPS what should I have on hand..

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8 Years
Aug 11, 2011
I am trying to be prepared for what the condition of the birds might be in once they finally arrive if they ever arrive. Hoping they will be alive when the USPS does finally find them the guy I spoke to didn't leave me very hopeful.

Here's the details SQ RIR's pullet and cockerel, shipped out at 2p on 11/13 delivery should of been today by 3p though my PO always gets express in between 9-10a.

Last known location that was scanned was the sorting place 2 hrs after they were taken in by the USPS that was 8p on the 13th.

I tried and tried finding someone that would help me prior to 3p today but all the call takes told me the same thing they can't help me until the shipment is past the deadline. If someone might have helped when the tracking was never scanned again and I was calling yesterday we might not be wondering if the birds will live or where they are today.

So what should I have on hand to care for them if/when the arrive, I'm sure they won't be in great condition.
Hopefully they'll be alive when and IF you ever get them. Birds that are alive will be thirsty foremost. Use an eyedropper or syringe without a needle to give them a good dose of warm sugar careful not to cause them to aspirate, a heat source standing by in case they're chilled.
Thank you.

As of last night status for the tracking number now says Missent no idea where they are though.

I have some save a chick on hand as well as poultry drench.. would either of these help.
I recommend warm sugar water first, then perhaps one or two drops of poultry nutri drench given orally to each more than that though. Giving too much of the nutri drench will cause diarrhea, same with save a chick. Then provide regular freshwater for them to drink on their own. You might have to dip their beaks in the water to show them where it's at and what it is.
Thank you.. just posted about the cockerel coming in with a ripped wattle. The birds were in GREAT shape, they looked like they never even traveled except the ripped wattle that appears to be fresh.

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