Birds Of The Farm Book


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Jul 28, 2009
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Chapter 1


The wind was blowing very hard. The birds of The Earthflock Were up in the roosts. Juliet was sitting on her eggs, waiting for them to emerge. Romeo Paced up in the roosts. If these chicks don’t hatch, the existing Earthflock will be in peril with only two grown cocks. Juliet knew what Darkflock could do to them. Shadow, their rooster, had not ever allowed the farmer hen to take off his knife-like spurs, putting him at the top of a battle, possibly killing the hens, cocks, and the three chicks belonging to Darbie. Raindrops started pitter-pattering on the roof of Earthflock’s Coop. Romeo strutted to the other side of the coop, checking on Darbie and his two sons and daughter. Looking sadly at the happy family Juliet hopped off of her nest, hurrying to get some water. Once her thirst was quenched she flew up to her nesting boxes, to see a cracked egg. Oh dear, I must have sat on it wrong. But looking closer, she saw the crack getting bigger. Oh my goodness!! “There Here!”


Coco looked at her 5 chicks, smiling at her only daughter, Ruby. Nudging them into the corner for warmth, she walks up to Stella and asks, “Can you watch them, I need to go get some fresh air.” “Sure,” the red hen replied. Coco hopped up onto the flap and flew out, thankful for the chance to have a dust-bath. Being inside for a month sure makes your feathers oily. After a nice dust-bath, she felt little drops of rain and flew back into the coop, shaking the sparkling droplets from her speckled feathers. Of course, the old red hen was telling them stories of when she was a chick. That’s Stella for you. Then, thankfully, the farmer girl came in, pouring large food into one bowl, and pouring chick food into a smaller bowl. The chicks were down as soon as the first granule hit the bowl. Chicks.


Shadow looked down onto his only son, wobbling around. Male Chicks need to learn respect! As the chick was walking, Shadow tripped him. Blaze ran up to him. “Please don’t do that, you’ll kill him before he even reaches the age to train to be a cock.” “Well tell him he needs to learn some respect, your girls didn’t learn that, that’s why I had to kill them.” He flew out of the coop, hearing the soft peeps of chicks from Waterflock’s coop. They have too many mouths to feed, only the strong will survive. But they’re encouraging the weak to dominate the strong. They are such Bird-brains

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