BIRTH OF AN EMU 2 days late, weak emu, i think he needs help

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  1. coo coo cachoo

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    Nov 14, 2010
    Monday the emu egg internally piped. and was chirping like crazy tue the chirping got lighter and today u needed to hold the egg to your ear . so we decided to go in after him . at 6:10 tonight we started opening the egg. we did a crack and than removed a few pieces, we saw the membrane was dry very dry like thick paper, so we sprayed a little water . he is in the egg looking at us opening his eyes, he looked like his feathers were dry in the air cell area. we also noticed a small amount of blood on the edge of the membrane where the cell was dry to where it looked wet . we continued to remove small pieces until we could look at the area where the yolk sack would be, and there was none. so we set him back into the incubator to see if he had any energy to hatch him self. he did no,t he kinda just stuck out his leg and was kinda twitching it . we gave him about 5 min and nothing happened so my wife made a larger crack and put him back in . after about another 5 min he wiggled/jumped out. so he is just laying there and a few drops of blood dipped in to the water bowls below.after about 5 drops it stopped . we dipped his beak into a small bowl of water with vitamins and sugar . he began to chirp lightly than a few louder chirps. we think since he was supposed to hatch 2 days ago he must be parched . should we get a syringe and try to give him a little water . we are a little worried because the chicken and duck we hatched had allot more vigor .
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  2. Ive had almost the same thing... but my chicks manage to pip the egg shell. Sometimes what happens is the membraine in the egg drys up. Its like having someone squeeze your body and you cant breath. Its a very complicated process.. but Ive lost chicks to this... they are literally squeezed to death. I has to do with humidity. Not sure if too high or low. Id ask or read up on it. I had to pull all 4 of my baby emus out... When they 1st piped, I gave them 7 hours to get out, if they did not make it by then, I took a peice every hour until he could pop himself out and made sure the membrane was not tight around him.

    Best of luck
  3. foulman007

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    Dec 29, 2010
    Columbia SC
    all mine 6 so far 2 to go have done the same thing
    sounded (internal pip) 12-48 hours later then an external pip . the fastest to hatch took 4 hours the longest almost 10 .
    the internal conditions of the membranes at pip were a rubbery like feel that dried out to a paper like condition which they burst right out of .Butit did leave a puddle of goo in the remains of the egg shell after hatch. my birds were tired but still would have moments of energy. the humidy i have kept near 20-22% for the whole hatch and it only raised up when the egg had pipped to 25-28 till hatch when the egg released the bird and much moisture spiking the humidty to over 30%. they are not chickens or ducks and need no water or food for the first 5 days.My week olds will run fulltilt and crash to sleep like they had a switch on them. makes me worry sometimes. The big thing is to watch thoes legs catch it sooner than i did.
    My new baby born around 5 pm today (day 52) is on the rattie cam in her brooder (why cant i get more boys chickenzoo?)
    I will switch back to the hatcher when another pipps

    I would have swore every one of my eggs had died and then resurected many times thru days 49-52 amazing buggers. If they can survive an outback desert for the last 80 million years what harm can I do them?
    good luck on all your hatches
  4. flyweed

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    Feb 12, 2009
    this "issue" sounds about par for the course.....I just had my first of 7 hatch today about 1pm. I did help him just a he actually got about 1/3 of the shell off, but then he just kind of laid there, and seemed stuck. the white membrane was starting to dry and stick to his fur, so I pulled the egg out and broke a few more pieces of shell off, and then let him wiggle the rest of the way out. He made it, and is now resting in the hatching tray of my sportsman 1202. I have another that is rocking like crazy. I assume I'll see a pip of some sort before the day is out, or maybe tomorrow morning.

  5. Wynette

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    Sep 25, 2007
    I don't know a thing about Emus, but with chicks & ducks, if you help & see blood from the membrane it means they have not absorbed the last of the blood in the veins yet. Also, adding sugar to the water can cause pasting up (again, just with chickens...I don't know if it's the same for Emus). I hope all goes well for this little one! Best of luck!

  6. coo coo cachoo

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    Nov 14, 2010
    he is still verry verry week he has just created his first .... poop. so i guess he is ok but just lays there ,and kinda wiggles his head up when he hears a noise. he has not moved more than a foot since birth . i am keeping my hopes up. i think he will be ok.. he in not like a chick or a duckling at all!
  7. chickenzoo

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    It normally takes a few days before they walk, but it does seem weak if it is still this way now. He should be trying to look at your finger and sitting up on his hocks. If you are fine with giving shots, take a 22 ga needle and a 3 cc syringe. Mix a small amount of 1/2 warm water to 1/2 poultry nutri drench vitamins or what ever poultry vitamin you have. Pinch up some skin over the shoulder area of the back, inject under the skin slowly about 2 cc's of the mix. This might give him some extra energy to get him going. Best Wishes and fingers crossed...... [​IMG]
  8. coo coo cachoo

    coo coo cachoo Chirping

    Nov 14, 2010
    still no walking he cannot stand , he trys but cant. he only stretches his legs up a few inches before he quits. my wife put him on some carpet and he claws the carpet and pulls forward, like a baby scoots.
    my wife was a vet assistant she is ok with shots . i will try that.
    and maybe my daughter can get a vid

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