Birthday Bash?


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Russell County
So for BF's birthday, I got him a coffee maker... coffee filters, coffee... (he refused to get a good coffee maker since all the ones we've purchased are crappy... so I went and picked one out that I thought was good - apparently they either make coffee too fast = produces weak coffee or make you waste a lot of coffee to make a good cup of coffee OR dribble coffee... a cup in an hour LOL)...

Than I got him baby powder for his socks, toothpaste since he asked for it, tabasco sauce since he can't find it anywhere

And tomorrow on his actual birthday, I'm getting him pipe tobacco (i was going to drive 200 miles to get his FAVORITE kind since that's the only place I know of that sells it and it's expensive ><) AND a 6 pack of dark beer. LOL

Is that love or what???

Oh the coffee maker is the one without the pot... you just put your cup against the little button and out it comes!!

Of course, I'm putting it up and filled it up with too much water... it's EVERYWHERE!!
My version of love for valentine was buying him a lefthanded compound bow with a soft case , quiver.... and 100$ spending cash at Kaw Valley Archery . Its spring turkey bow hunting season in a month. In return i got on Valentine a little glass/chrystal rooster and for my B-day i got a set of gardening tools and a knee cushion pad thingy for gardening.
I'll find out the brand... Captain Black I believe? It's blue (and comes in gold and white) with a ... I'll find it LOL
It's like $40 for a can - it went from $20 up to $40+ within a month or two...

I wanted to get him a pipe tobacco collection for use, but I'll leave that up to him!

LOL I love the smell of pipe tobacco (before it's burned) <3
I'll find the brand. What kind does your DH use?

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