Bit by the chicken math bug...

prairie mom

10 Years
May 6, 2011
Yep, in a couple of weeks I will be the proud momma of eight more Barred Rock babies! I ordered all females, this time, from MyPetChicken.

Nine weeks ago I purchased four straight-run BRs and they all turned out to be roos. Then I was going to buy some year old BRs this weekend, but that ended up not working out. So............well "chicken math" strikes again!

Here are some pictures of our four BR roosters taken 5/21/11 at nine weeks old.



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Well, chicken math apparently is contagious. I started out with 15, lost one, just ordered 5 Japanese bantams, and will likely only keep one roo so will likely get more pullets.
I hear ya. Chicken math is a tricky thing. My family is allowed 4 hens in our backyard, we lost one, so we ordered six more. Now we are planning to keep 4 of those for a total of 7 chickens.
Luckily, our neighbors are all big fans of free eggs, so we shouldn't have any problems.
We did rooster math. Our initial flock of 11 started looking a lot like 9 roosters and 2 pullets, so it was just absolutely necessary to add some pullets. We improved our pullet ratio from 2/9 to 12/9. Much better.

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