Bit of a Conundrum re Adoptions


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Jul 12, 2009
I have a bit of a problem (maybe) developing with a Broody Goose and her strange bedfellow, Brock the Turkey.

The situation is this: Angel is an Embden and one of three geese I keep. She's the "odd duck" with angelwing, that the gander was not interested in. She paired up with my lone turkey, and has always been really happy with that arrangement. Lately though, she's gone broody on a few of her infertile eggs.

So, this morning, I took out her old eggs and gave her 7 fertile Pekin eggs (they'd been laid, and abandoned because the Pekins are already sitting on 25 eggs between 2 hens). I'm pretty sure she'll look after them because she's a good mom to my chicks, the kittens ... basically, anything she can mother, she will.

BTW, the Embden pair is already sitting on 6 Pekin and 5 Embden eggs of their own. I sorta wish the Pekins would quit.

My question is: Do I take Brock the Turkey out of the arrangement with the lone goose. He's good-natured, but I really noticed the foot stamping lately when he was briefly presented with a duckling.

Thoughts from the wiser on here?

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